​Premium Ingredients 

  • Best fair-trade organic beans; pure, cold, filtered water

Exceptional, Rich Flavor

  • The richest, chocolate-like coffee flavors, with zero bitterness—no sweeteners required! 

Low Acidity

  • By far the most alkaline coffee available

Enhanced Caffeine

  • 3 times that of traditional hot brewed coffee

Stays Fresh

  • In refrigerator: 120 days unopened; 2 weeks once opened 


  • Each bottle makes double the volume in cups

Sustainably Made

  • Environmental production process

Using only fair trade certified-organic beans, and pure cool filtered water, we steep our coffee for a full 24 hours in locally certified kosher facilities.  Once brewed, Muddy Waters is bottled using 100% recycled materials in environmentally certified facilities, with our labels promote recycling.Type your paragraph here.